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DISCOUNT: when you order for more than 50€ via PayPal, you can apply a 10€ discount. More than 100€, 20€ discount, more than 150€, 30€ discount, etc...
(note that you cannot apply the above discounts if you purchase the “all fights of an event”, ‘’all fights of a wrestler’’, ‘’all fights of a day’’ or other special offer discounts)

If you do not have a PayPal account, let us know what you wish to order. We will send you a PayPal invite and you will be able to pay with your regular bank card details.

This page will be regularly implemented with new group photos.
We do not take group photos everytime. For a complete list of our most recent matches, check this page:
List of Fights

2017 = Beautiful Models and Sexy Girls wrestling at their best in Competitive Fights. Most of the girls are inexperienced, some are fighting for the very first time. Fights are real, nothing is fake or scripted. The rules are: Pins Only, no submissions, unless specified otherwise.


How to order via PayPal?

1. Go to
2. Choose the ‘’Send’’ then ‘’Send money’’ options
3. Put “” as the recipient
4. Add as a note the fight(s) you want to order
We advise that you e-mail us to confirm your order.

female wrestling

ModelsWrestling Rosters below, with group photos of some of our shootings

We offer Special Discounts for our events when you purchase all the fights of the event. Email us for details.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.
We can send you the list of the fights of your favourite wrestler, the list of all available fights and also help you if you want to order a custom fight, etc...!



Complete list of fights available on demand